What Type of Foundation Is Best for Over 40s?

At age 40, skin problems such as age spots, wrinkles, dullness, and sagging are major concerns for women. To hide these imperfections, it is important for women to choose an effective foundation that is suitable for all skin types.  As a woman with dry skin should use the best foundation for dry skin over 40. What type of foundation is best for over 40 skins? Foundation comes in many forms, such as liquid, powder, and also sprays every foundation offers different covering effects. Are you wondering which foundation is best?

What Type of Foundation Is Best for Over 40s?

In this article, we will introduce popular foundation types by placing products in the rankings. We also share tips and explanations for choosing a foundation based on the advice of experts. The second half of the article will be the techniques to get beautiful skin. Let’s find out the right foundation to highlight the beauty of an adult woman!

What Is the Best Foundation for the Age of 40

Instead of youthfulness at age 30, the 40 has a charm that comes from the independence of maturity. Isn’t that the age is of greater clarity of lifestyle, of confidence? It is the age at which you play a role in both places, family and the workplace. Besides, the age of 40 is not only about young, but also the extra affection of a woman’s charm.

Of course, the skin will have a lot more variation compared to the age of 30, and with it, more problems come. Decreasing collagen, hormonal changes begin to become more visible. It causes brown spots, dullness, wrinkles, sagging skin, and pores, as well as firmness and skin moisture, become worrying. However, you should not give up or think that you cannot have beautiful skin like before. The development of makeup technology will be a great help!

Foundation for the age of 40 needs minimizes the stress on the skin, and also makes the skin look younger. Furthermore, consideration should also be given to the classification of the various uses of the foundation. The following is a specific explanation for the important points when choosing foundation.

How to Choose Foundation for Age 40

Here are the ways to choose the foundation recommended by experts, based on the characteristics for age 40.

In addition to choosing the right foundation for your 40-year-old skin, refer to the following article. It will help you understand how to apply the foundation to get a perfect look.

What Type of Foundation Is Best for Over 40s?

Choose Chalk Background With Glossy Tension

The skin at the age of 40 easily becomes dry. On semi-dull skin that looks like the skin of the 30s, problems like dry skin, sagging skin, or small wrinkles become noticeable. To give skin a sense of hydration and vitality, you should choose foundation with a certain shine.

Try looking for products with the words “for dry skin” in the description of the product or products rated best by users.

Choosing Products according to “Efficacy” and “Ingredients” depends on Skin Problems

By the age of 40, the skin’s regeneration cycle also changes abnormally, and the skin needs time to recover from skin damage. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid the types of foundation that may cause skin damage. Here are the points to check to choose the most hypoallergenic and skin-friendly products.

For Moisturizing, Choose Ingredients like “Hyaluronic Acid,” “Collagen” And “Placenta”

For age 40 skin that tends to lose moisture and water, choose foundation containing moisturizing ingredients. Foundation containing ingredients such as collagen, hyaluronic acid, placenta, ceramide will have effective makeup and skincare at the same time.

However, because ceramide is only moisturizing the surface, you should consider products containing moisture from deep within the skin like hyaluronic acid.

For Anti-Aging, Use Liquid Foundation Serum

A liquid foundation containing a placenta or collagen is anti aging and effectively lifts the face. This is an option worth considering for skin with wrinkles, sagging, and age spots – the consequences of hormonal reduction.

A special skin-lifting foundation is recommended based on the principle of maintaining the position of the skin when the facial muscles work.  Using foundation with the ability to lift the skin is not only a temporary solution but also has anti-aging capabilities.

For whitening skin, use products that contain “Vitamin C” and “Arbutin.”

If you’re a makeup artist, you should use foundation that has skincare properties and contains whitening ingredients. Foundation must use ingredients like vitamin C derivatives, arbutin, placenta, and chamomile extract. These ingredients not only help with skincare but also reduce the pressure of makeup on the skin.

Products containing whitening ingredients may also be sold in cosmetic form. Vitamin C helps reduce dark spots, while Arbutin helps prevent melanin formation. The use of a foundation with these ingredients will not only help with makeup but also support the skincare process.

Protect Your Skin from UV: Choose Foundation with SPF25 ~ 30PA +++

Foundation containing sunscreen ingredients are essential because age spots and skin dullness are caused by ultraviolet rays. For daily use, choose a UV-resistant foundation like SPF 25 ~ 30, or PA +++ throughout the year. This is the basic point to choose foundation, and even more important for the skin of the age of 40. At this age, there should be a sense of protection from the sun more than ever.

The selection of sun protection index suitable for lifestyle and daily activities is also a noticeable figure. For example, on sunny days, if you spend a long time outdoors, you should choose SPF50 ・ PA +++, or when it is cloudy, choose a lower index. The SPF indicates the time that the sunscreen ingredient in the cream can protect the skin, 1 SPF = 20 minutes.

Choose Products free from Preservatives, Aromas, Alcohols, and Ultraviolet Absorbents

Foundation’s role is to beautify the face. Therefore, it is safer to avoid unnecessary components such as preservatives, odorants, UV absorbers, and alcohol. In addition, depending on the person, the additional ingredients such as moisturizing ingredients, beauty ingredients, can also irritate the skin. So those who own sensitive skin should pay attention.

Currently, there are Mineral Foundation products that do not contain any additives. Mineral foundation is advertised as a 24-hour use without any skin damage. However, do not forget the makeup remover, depending on the condition of the skin, use it appropriately.

When choosing to buy foundation without preservatives, pay close attention to the expiry date. Products that do not contain preservatives will usually have a short shelf life. Using expired products is not only bad for the skin but can also cause serious irritation. Try to use up the product within half a year is best.

Choose The Foundation that Fit Skin Layer

Users often choose foundation that has the ability to cover up to have beautiful skin and evenly colored skin. However, choosing a product with high coverage that is not suitable for your skin is also a bad point.

Check out the characteristics of your skin type, and choose a Foundation that has a natural coverage and is suitable for your skin.

Liquid Foundation For Less-Flawed Skin

The strength of the liquid foundation is that it is thin and easily attaches to the skin naturally. In addition, the product is also suitable for those who want a perfect balance to cover and feel the skin’s authenticity.

Moreover, the liquid foundation provides a trendy smoothing effect that will naturally brighten out your skin at age 40. It helps you stand out at work or to meet friends with confidence.

The product is widely sought after for its long-lasting properties, also puts less pressure on the skin. However, for sensitive skin, the product will still be able to cause a secret for the skin. So, check the skin irritation before using, by testing with sample products of the company.

Foundation In Cream Form

The cream foundation has the advantages of high moisture retention and good covering ability. Products can cover wrinkles or freckles that liquid foundation does not cover at all while moisturizing the skin. These products are suitable for makeup on formal occasions as well as professional makeup. It suits dry skin.

On the other hand, a high coverage product for a thick layer of makeup can add a few years to your skin. So, instead of using a solid texture, use lightweight foundation creams that cover your skin while combat signs of aging!

Foundation in a Compact Form

Foundation in the form of chalk does not have the ability to retain moisture and is also not suitable for users with dry skin. However, this is the perfect product for re-applying makeup when needed. The composition of the compressed chalk has no preservatives and is very gentle to the skin.

The product is light and has little pressure on the skin, although some products do not show SPF the powders are effective at blocking UV rays. It’s convenient to have a makeup product when you’re outside, or just want a quick makeup. On non-makeup days, or days where you only need a light foundation, a compact foundation will be a great help.

Choose Foundation Color Through “Faceline”

You choose a lighter foundation to make your skin look brighter? In fact, it may be counterproductive. A white background layer will make you look much older than your age.

Choosing the right foundation color is the secret to youthful skin. Try applying foundation to the line between the neck and face (this is called face line) and choose a color accordingly.

Choose Products By Quality, Not By Price

Foundation for the age of 40 does not necessarily need a high price. If you look through the texture and ingredients listed above, you can choose a foundation product for your 40s. Go by quality, do not go by price to choose the best foundation for the age of 40s.

See composition instead of price. Even if you buy an expensive product after comparing all other products and can’t continue to buy it because the price is too high, it becomes meaningless.