The Effect of Body Lotion During Pregnancy

The Effect of Body Lotion During Pregnancy

Before going to the effects of body lotion let’s discuss about why we are using the safe body lotion and moisturizer during pregnancy? Usually body lotion is used for preventing rough, scaly, itchy or for any minor skin irritations. There will be a substance called emollients which helps to soften the skin and also when you have irritation then it helps to get relief from that. Apart from this, the products like zinc oxide, white petrolatum will also helps to prevent the skin from itching.

You may be confused that why the skin is so dry? It is mainly due to lack of water in the top layer of the skin. So the ingredients like emollients in the lotion helps to form an oil layers on the skin that helps to trap the water in the skin. Some of the emollients that help to prevent the skin are petrolatum, mineral oil, dimethicon and lanolin. Some more ingredients help to fall the dead skin, helps to sustain the skin in Water and make the skin more softened than they appear.

Advantages of using body lotion

There are several advantages of using safe body lotion during pregnancy. Some of them are;

To hydrate the dry skin

People those who are working in hard climate or working under the pollution, then their skin may become dry and gets irritated easily. So they used to apply the lotion regularly but for complicated skin these lotions may not give the complete solution. But you can prevent from getting worse. Apply the body lotion after cleansing your body will keep your body moisture and hydrated for some time. So due to hydration the skin may looks healthier. You can also use the scented body lotion of your favourite when needed but when you’re pregnant you need to consult the doctor for using the perfumed body lotion.

Replenish the rough spots on the skin

If your skin was oil or normal whatever it may be there may be some rough surfaces on your body. That means the places like elbow or knees will be rough and dark, if you apply the good quality lotions then it will turn your skin soft and shiny.

Smooth calluses

There may be developed calluses on your feet and that may cause more pain. For this purpose the body lotion makes the skin supple and helps to prevent from serious problems. In case if your calluses has disorder colour or any swollen areas then it is better to consult the doctor.

The Effect of Body Lotion During Pregnancy

Feels and smells good

While using the lotion on rough or dry areas it makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. In addition to that there are many scented lotions available that makes you to feel fresh and make your mood good. But before using the scented or fragrance lotion you need to have an advice from your doctor and then apply it.

Make your skin glow

Though if your skin is good without applying body lotion it will exposes your skin as dry and rough. If you use the lotion regularly the ingredients in that lotions helps to elevate the skin texture and also it helps to glow.

Is it safe to use body lotion during pregnancy?

For this question the answer will be both yes and no. Some lotions with favourable ingredients for skin won’t cause any problems when you use during the pregnancy. But some lotions with ingredients like rosemary, triclosan and parabens should be avoided during pregnancy because it may cause irritation, increase the hormone levels and also create some uncomfortness. Also avoid the lotion with aloe Vera, because some experts are saying that this ingredient may cause some birth detect though it was taken orally. If you apply the lotion on the skin it will absorb from the skin and creates problem. So we conclude that all the lotions are not good and all the lotions are not bad during pregnancy. Have a thorough study on it and apply the safe body lotion and moisturizer during pregnancy.

What are best body lotions that can be used during pregnancy?

Here are some of the good body lotions that you can try during pregnancy;

Sebamedanti dry hydrating body lotion

The main positive of this lotion is it won’t leave any traces and the ingredients in this lotion like sheshea butter and plant derived lipids helps to sustain the moisture and smoothen the skin.

Palmer’s cocoa butter formula jar

This is one of the most important lotions that every moment should apply it. This is derived from the cocoa seed and keep the moisture content stable always. This lotion also has vitamin E with the regular use of this it also helps from anti aging too.

Himalaya mom’s soothing body lotion

This is one of the most trusted brand that most of the people using in India. The ingredients like cocoa butter and glycerine helps to maintain the skin smooth and supple. This cream has three types of fragrances they are rose, jasmine and lavender that acts as a stress bursting factor.

The mom’s co. Natural pregnancy body butter

This main aim of this lotion is to create a “love without compromise”. The natural things available in this lotion are Shea Butter, cocoa, vitamin E and sea buckthorn oil. These products are mainly produced on the basis of pregnant women and help to cure all skin problems.

Queen Helene cocoa butter cream

This is one of the non greasy creams they help to nourish your skin and also reverses the aging sign when you use it regularly. This cream can be used during or after pregnancy. So use this cocoa butter cream and keep your skin hydrated.

These are some of the best body lotions that you can apply during pregnancy or after pregnancy. All these lotions are available through online displayed with the ingredients and features, you can buy the best out of it. Apart from this there are many lotions available that can be used during pregnancy but whatever good lotion it may be better consult the physician, after that apply it to your body.