Pregnant women can use the bug spray?


If you are pregnant and wondering about that how to protect yourself and your baby from the bug bites like mosquito, where the solution is very simple just you need to use the insect repellent to be away from the bug and mosquito bites. Where using the insect repellent is not only safe to certain kinds of the bugs spray according to the instructions that is provided in the product label but it also a smart way to guard against the Zika and other mosquito borne illnesses.

  • If you are pregnant and mosquitoes seem to be biting you more than ever now then it is not just your imagination but scientists have found that the pregnant women attracts the mosquitoes twice as many as non-pregnant women does.
  • In which experts think that where it could be because that these pesky bugs are fond of carbohydrates and the pregnant women’s tend to take more frequent breathes by exhaling 21% of more air and releases the extra amount of the gas. This gas draws the mosquitoes near to the pregnant women and they bite the pregnant women’s easily.
  • Another reason why the mosquitoes make a beeline for the pregnant mothers is that they are heat seeking and the pregnant women generally have the high body temperature compared to other women.
  • Normally, the body heat will get increase when you are in pregnant and it force more unstable substances from your body and it become easier for mosquitoes to find and bite you.

If you want to go out at daytime, then just skip the products that included the repellent and sunscreen, since they are not as effectual when it is used separately. Instead of using the insect repellent the pregnancy women can use safe sunscreen which means before applying the repellent ensure that it is of best bug spray for pregnancy and also keep in mind that you may need to reapply the sunscreen frequently for protect yourself from the mosquito bite.


How to protect yourself from the mosquito bite

The best way to prevent your mosquito bites and from their disease is to protect yourself with the bug spray where this will help you to protect our skin from the mosquito bites especially these bugs spray for pregnancy protects you when you are spending time in outside such as like garden area. If you plan to travel or live in area where the mosquitoes are prevalent and especially if they are known to carry the diseases and it is very much necessary to take proper precautions and even more care when you are pregnant. So ensure that you choose the best bug spray especially available for the pregnant women. All of the below things are considered as safe things for pregnant and breastfeeding women which they need to follow. They are.

  • DEET is the most effective type of the bug spray for pregnancy women which protect you from the mosquitoes bite.
  • Picaridin is a common alternative to the DEET which is known for KBR 3023 and icardin outside the U.S country.
  • Oil of the lemon eucalyptus or para menthane diol helps your body from mosquito bites.

Most of the bug sprays offer a handy insect repellent tool that helps you in determining which kind of the spray will be best one for you and your family to use depending on the type of bug that you need to ward off and based on the time how long you will be of outside.

In addition to applying the spray to all your exposed skin you can just spray the bug liquid on your clothing with permethrin for additional protection. The natural bug and insects repellents with the purified forms of plants like cedar and citronella may help you in protecting your body skin from the mosquito and other bugs bite. However the experts say that the effectiveness of the bug spray is completely different and suggest the pregnancy women to use the best bug spray for pregnancy just by considering the few factors while selecting the bug spray for protecting them for the mosquito and other kinds of insects bite.