Avoid Making Your Tattoo Look Worse Then It Already Is

There is a thin line between making your tattoo look good and making it look like disappointing mess. Your tattoo is just ink on some cut skin, but it needs proper care. If you go to overboard with not applying healing materials, it can fade away in patches fast. If you do not clean the tattoo, it can get an infection that may cause you to go back to that tattoo store. There is a line you must not cross when having a tattoo. That line is taking too long to care for the tattoo art. Its more to it then just caring. You got to do different things and pay attention to mistakes that can make your tattoo look a lot worst. Here is more info on the signs you should look for.

Avoid Walking in the Sunlight

Avoid the sunlight at all cost. Keep your tattoo out of the sunlight. Never walk in the sunlight and show off your tattoo. Wait until the night time to do that. Make sure it is covered by some cloth. Your tattoo can not be exposed to the sunlight or it will become faded. Patches of the color can also be burned off. The tattoo could get irritated as well. Avoid the sunlight at all cost. Keep avoiding it until your tattoo is full healed. It takes about 6 weeks for a tattoo to heal. You can use the best lotion for tattoos to reduce the healing time. The healing time can take a lot longer, if you choose not not follow this rule.

Know the Proper Lotion to Wash Tattoo With

Don’t use any lotion to wash your tattoo. The best lotion for tattoo is suggested by tattoo artists. You tattoo needs certain type of stuff. It needs the lotion to be unscented fist of all. Then, you got to make sure the lotion is free from petroleum. Expert tattoo artists, claim using lotion with petroleum makes the healing tattoo process slow. You also got to put on a small amount of lotion. It can be tempting to throw on everything to get rid of that irritation. But, you must use a little lotion or the lotion will not be able to work effectively. You don’t want the lotion to dry on your tattoo. Just put on a little. Put lotion on everyday and wash. Remember, to use your hand to put on lotion.

Wash Your Tattoo Daily No Exception

There is no reason why you should not wash your new tattoo daily. Its a new tat and its going to get blood on it. Wash daily to get the tattoo fully purified. Have the tattoo looking fully healthy and help it heal faster on your skin. The tattoo skin has to heal from the inside and outside. So, make sure to use your hand to put on water or lotion. Do not use other materials to wash. Your body is damaged on the inside and outside. Plus, it is very bloody and badly cut. You need to use your hands to apply the best rubbing to it. Using cloth, can make the tattoo infected. Wash daily and you should have a healthy tattoo in 6 weeks.